About us

Well we've pretty much already spilled our guts on the homepage about everything that "Savvy Design West" is, about our team and what we do. To sum up, we're a small company dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest techniques in the interior design. We have a special focus on modern design, but we're willing to work with anyone and listen to any kind of ideas that you might have.

Even though we're a small team, we've worked on some major projects, you can read more about that on our portfolio page. Each client is important to us, since we're still pretty small. We're based in San Jose, there's 6 of us currently working, and more will be joining soon, as we are looking to expand our business.

Company is run by a brother-sister dynamic duo, Sofia and Rob West. This our first and hopefully only company to date. We started it fresh out of college where we finished with degrees in industrial design. During our work we've expanded our expertise, far outside of the scope of our degrees. Now we're ready to tackle any challenge, so get in touch with us and let's start working together.