Modern family design is where we exceed and do our best. Each of the family homes that we've designed is filled with light, no matter how many windows they lack. On this particular project we've had to redo entire layout of the house, move rooms around, to get more light in the living room. It was a lot of work, but we do not shy away from that. Whatever takes to get the job done for the client.

Houses that have a seamless blend with nature are my favorite. This particular project required us to design living room, dining room, kitchen and patio to be a single entity and after breaking down some walls, we think that we managed to do just that. This way people can enjoy in a view of their garden no matter where in the house they are. I really like this one and I'm thinking of doing the same to my house one day.

Spacious apartment design seems to be all the rage right now. Many modern inner city families are asking us to design their apartments to look spacious and we aim to deliver. One way of doing that is to break down walls and add seamless transitions between the common living area. Others do it by adding lots of windows and lights. We like to do a bit of both, as you can see on the image down below.

As the kids get older we are also asked by people to redesign their kids rooms. They are tricky since they are usually smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house. To get more room we end up combining furniture. Adding closet, work bench, shelve unit and even bed all in a single furniture unit takes up only a single wall of the room. That's just one of the tricks we have up our sleeve. What do you think about this piece that we did?