Lost practices of the modern interior designer – art on the wall

I’ve noticed something that has been happening as of late on the interior design scene. A lot of designers who are working today and which at least to some degree focus on modern design seem to be letting go of a very important tool in the interior design arsenal, art on walls. More and more folks are going overly minimalistic and have either blank walls or very little art on them.

Online interior design tools – color palette generator

Quite recently I wrote an article about how you can make a small room appear bigger by applying neutral colors to the walls. Well I received messages from people who are wondering how to create proper color palettes that feature neutral colors. Today I’m going to share a little trick that we at the office are using, an online tool to be more precise.

Tricks for small rooms – neutral colors

Seeing how real estate prices are going through the roof pretty much all over the globe, having roomy apartments and houses, with a lot of square footage is a luxury. What this means for us interior design folk is the we need to get creative with techniques that make small spaces big. Today we’re going to share with you one such technique.