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The Savvy E-Design Package 
 Love what you see but don't live with in my travel distance?  The Savvy E-Design Package is for you!  Much like my Savvy In Home Design Consultation, I will help you bring your design vision for your space to life but via Email, phone, and fax.  Your personal design package will include a design board, where to buy list, space plan, and detailed explanation.  I will be with you every step of the way {virtually} to answer questions during the installation process.  Every project and space is unique so please email me for more information regarding pricing!

Examples of E-Design 

Savvy In Home 3 Hour Design Consultation
The Savvy client who chooses this option has a strong sense of their personal style, but could use a professional eye to refine and channel their vision.
Savvy is committed to helping you -
During our one on one in-home consult, I will help you bring your design vision for your space to life within the allowed budget:
  • Sourcing product, whether to-the-trade items or cost-conscious substitutes
  • Suggesting paint (colors, brands, and finishes), wall coverings, window treatments, fabric, flooring, art, supplemental furnishings, and other accessories
  • Helping translate your vision into practical design decisions
  • Provide space planning for furnishing
  • All will be provided on a Design Board for you to reference. 
The Savvy Clients responsibilities’ -
Before I visit your home, you will need to provide me with an over all design vision for the room.  During our meeting, I would love to see any inspiration spaces, fabrics, or colors you had in mind.  Once the design plan is devised, you will be responsible for putting our final design plan into action:
  • Shopping (I'll source and you buy)
  • Implementing, via DIY or by coordinating professional services (including installations, painting and sewing)
  • Establish a budget and time line

Examples of In Home Design

    Savvy's Full-Service Design
    The Savvy client who chooses this option is someone who has some general ideas of what you like and dislike but would like to have an experienced designer make your space amazing. Or maybe you are just too busy or too indecisive to handle the details of a redesign and want a professional to take care of everything for you.
    Savvy is committed to helping you -
    As you would expect in hiring a full-service interior decorator, I will provide a comprehensive and hands-on design plan. This includes preparing preliminary floor plans.  I will also source finishes and furnishings, while keeping with in and getting the most out of your budget.  I will also arrange and manage all trades if needed and supervise all installations of choice finishes and furnishings. My goal is to use exceptional finds and innovative design ideas to help make your room uniquely yours.
    The Savvy Clients responsibilities’ -
    After meeting with me for an in-home consultation, you will have final say on all selections.  We will meet during the design process to review and make sure we are on time and with in budget.  But most of all you will be able to sit back and let Savvy do all of the hard work!

    |New Client Questionnaire |
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