July 7, 2014

New From Ikea....

New From Ikea

This weekend I took a quick trip around Ikea with my SIL who just moved into a new house.  I literally had nothing to shop for {that never happens!!} so I was just able to look.  Several new tags caught my attention!

1. I am loving this console table in the grey!  It used to just come in white, but they nail the grey color
2.  There is this whole new series of open storage.  The tone of the wood is great and the white detail adds a perfect modern accent.
3.  Who doesn't love this peacock color?  This was not that big, but could totally be used for a kids room or a storage closet for toy in a playroom.
4.  This bedding is perfect.  The color combo and the graphic lines... so need to find a client who needs this color scheme.
5.  I was dying over this wishbone chair!  And the price point... $89.99!!  Oh... and several colors too!
6.  That chair with this table... lovely!
7.  I am a sucker for a good thick cutting board.  This would be perfect for daily use and serving cheese and apps on.
8.  That graphic pattern from the bedding made it onto a rug.  I could work this into my house!