July 14, 2014

How To | Simple Pineapple Palm Trees

It might be said that my parents and I are seasoned luau party throwers.  In the last 4 years we have thrown 4 luaus {see a past one here}!  
Hey... when you do something well why not, and who doesn't love a luau?
This event was for my Grandma's 80th Birthday!  As an Ohana from Kona, she spent 10 years there enjoying the sun and aloha spirit, but has moved back to the mainland to be closer to family. {See her house remodel here}.  So what a better way to celebrate her birthday then to bring some of the islands to her.  We did full luau menu and hula dancers... it was a great day!
For the last couple luaus we have built some cute pineapple palm trees to add height to the buffet table.  I have gotten a few emails asking how I get them to stay, so I thought it would be a perfect time for a little how to.

Items Needed: 
1/2" Plywood cut into 12x12 squares
PVC pipe {about 1.5"-2"}
PVC cap to match
Nut, Washer, Bolt
Small plastic plate
3 pineapples, cored
1 large fern stem

My dad starts with simple plywood {about 1/2"} and cuts it down to a 12"x12" square.  I rounded the corners so tray would be able to fit on the table... totally optional.  Next drill out a small hole, about 1" wide and 1/4 deep, so the nut can be recessed in the bottom of the ply wood.  Then drill a hole through the ply wood to fit the bolt.  Place the plate, cap {that has also been drilled to fit the bolt} and then secure with washer and nut.  Screw in the PVC pipe into the cap.
To core the pineapples, we used a pineapple corer that you can pick up at any grocery store.  It guts the fruit leaving the shell fully in tack.  Once you have the exact height of the pineapple trunk then trim the PVC pipe to size.  We go 3 pineapples high.  Then insert fern stems into the PVC.
We used banana leaves to cover the plywood base, but you could use napkins or fabric.



Vel Criste said...

Wow! this is my kinda party! Love the pineapple palm and everything on the table looks so yummy!!!!! Belated Happy 80th birthday to you Grandma!