June 24, 2014

Recent Finds

I many have needed a little blog and DIY break, but I never take a break from searching out the good deals!  I have had a few good finds in the last couple weeks.  

While shopping at one of my favorite thrift stores, I spotted these matching {in style anyway} task lamps.  I loved the retro vibe and the lines of them!  And for $4.88 each I had to snatch them up.  They will be perfect for the boys new desk area... as soon as I get that built.  Ha!
I am thinking they will be great sprayed, of course, but leaning to something color blocked like this:
We will see what the color scheme ends up being in there.

I also went to the annual lot sale held within my parents retirement community.  I typically find some unique random things, but this year was my best score yet!

I scored a set of 6 cushions and back pillows for just $10!!  I was not sure if they would fit my chairs, but for $10 I couldn't pass them up.  And guess what?!?!? They fit perfectly!  I was not sure if I liked the small pillow on the chairs when I sat in them, so I tossed them on the fire pit bench.  I am not sure if they will stay there either, but for now they will work.

Have you had any great finds lately?


Vel Criste said...

You scored big time Tiffany! Love the lamp and pillows!

the cape on the corner said...

that cushion fits your chair perfectly. i haven't been to sales or thrift stores lately, but i found a black and white striped blanket at ikea for 4 dollars. it actually inspired a little mini makeover in the sunroom. enjoy your finds!