June 5, 2014

How To | Spray Paint A Bathroom Faucet... UPDATE

Remember my Black and White Bathroom that I completed a few months back?  Well I have been meaning to update everyone on how well it has held up for the past 3 months.
It has worked perfectly!  It is easy to clean and seems to have the durable finish just as it would new straight out of a box!  This is my guest bathroom so it gets used often by small hands and adults... so if it was not going to hold up I would have seen it by now.  I really think the secret was the clear coat.

Even though this room was not scheduled on my House Goals of 2014, it is still one of my favorite rooms in the house!


Vel Criste said...

Your right, looks absolutely great still!

Amelia Warren said...

I always wonder how these things hold up over time. Thanks for the update!