June 4, 2014

House Goals 2014 | Update

Summer is here and that has made me realize almost half of the year is gone!  I thought I would check in with my House Goals and see what progress I have made...

House Goals 2014
1. Boys Bedrooms - They boys are now sharing a room with two twin beds.
We moved J's queen bed to the other room because my Gma's gifted me this beautiful MCM dresser! I love this dresser... More on it in a later post.

Eventually we will put bunk beds in the boys room, move the twin beds into the guest room and move the MCM to the entryway.  But for now it is working... 

2. Laundry Room | Mudroom 
I have done nothing in this room!  It truly becomes my dumping place for things I need to put away, or don't know where they will go yet.

3.  Master Bedroom
Another room I have done nothing in!

4.  Master Bathroom organization
Yup... you guessed it!  Nothing in this room also!

5. Kids Playroom - NADA!
- Window treatments
- Book storage
- game storage

6.  Backyard
- Pool... DONE!!

- deck... DONE!!

- landscaping... Next year!

It is obvious the reason I have not gotten to any of my other projects is because of the 2 large completed projects!  Oh well... I can say it is totally worth it!

I also completed this room:
This was no where on my House Goal list... and it sort of makes me made at myself to complete this room and not tackle something on my house goal list.  Don't get me wrong, I love this room, but I wish I would have revisited and picked something would have made my house a little more functional.  Hopefully, I can pull off some of this list in the next 7 months. 


House Envy said...

your "to do" list looks small compared to the major projects you've completed! that pool and bath are gorgeous!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think you've done really well. Outdoor projects take so much energy (and $$).

Vel Criste said...

And that's why I don't make my goals! LOL! I just don't know what I can do quicker or not, right now my boys bathroom which was supposed to be my first project is still waiting to be started. At least you've accomplished the big ones so far!