June 23, 2014

Disneyland Recap | Currently Working On

Well hello there!  I am sorry for the radio silence.  After our Disneyland vacation I sort of had a vacation hangover!  Three days of non stop "happy!" We came home just wanting enjoy some summer.  But I have to get back to the grind eventually.
Of course I couldn't not share some pics from our time at "the happiest place on earth."
The kids had a blast and I think the hubs and I had just as much fun!  They were angels the entire trip... maybe because we like to have a "anything goes" on vacation.  So churros for breakfast, sure!  J was brave and road all the big rides twice, even if they scared him the first time.  M was a little less adventurous, but still had great fun!
Back to the design front, I am consulting on finishes for a mini kitchen remodel.  I am in love with the granite and quartz combo!  Here we were working on backsplash options... more on this project in a later post.McLean Rug Options
McLean Accent Chairs Family Room

Also in the last week my sister and brother in law moved into a spanking brand new house.  She needed a few items so I pulled a few options together for her.  I am so excited for them.  We have been working to get the pictures hung.  I will have pics soon!

How is everyone's summer going?
Have you been doing less DIY and more life?