May 26, 2014

Model Home Inspiration | Wall Applications

I am sure I am not the only one out there that would could walking through model homes as a hobby, or maybe I am... but I don't care!  I have always been inspired by model home decoration, though most of the staging just would not exist in everyday life!  I like to look more at the hard surfaces, and wall embellishments.  Typically these are inexpensive, but impactful.  Recently I cruised through 2 new model homes in my neighborhood and was delighted with all of the ideas!

I absolutely love this wall!  It is the perfect statement but not too busy... and the perfect way to frame out a television!

Herringbone... of course I would love this wall!  But what I really love is the color!  I am thinking this for one of my bedrooms... I think this would be an amazing DIY!

This is a perfect example of taking an expensive tile and using it in a small but impactful way!  The rest of the shower is 4x4 white tiles that are like 19 cents a tile!  The mosaic tile in the shower is only 16 sqft, so even if this is $12 {which it is at Lowes} it would cost you less than $300 in tile for the whole shower!  Amazing!  I also think the tile rug makes a huge impact... again, super simple.
This backsplash is really modern, and actually really inexpensive.  I love this because the solid tiles are 18" laid vertical and it really cuts down on the grouting! And the mosaic used as accent really keep the cost down!
How fun is this wall?  This for sure is a little bit of an advanced DIY, but still could be pulled off!  I did a quick search and found 5"x5" scrabble tiles here for $8.50!  So while it may end up equaling the same cost as a large art piece, you have created a larger focal point, and personalized it!

Oh beyond simple is this idea!?!  Just adding unfinished 1x4 to the wall to enhance the builder stock molding!  They also used it to create the focal behind the bed... seriously so few dollars for this application!

Paint is a quick and inexpensive go to for a focal point... and this is done well!  A bold stripe acts as a headboard, then the stripe goes up onto the ceiling and then back down behind the dresser.  The large white stripe frames it in and looks like a boarder of molding but way less expensive!  And I love that bedspread too!

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy for this holiday Monday!

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Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

I love the wall panel around the TV so clever!!!