May 9, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

Every mom knows this is true!
So what was on your list for mothers day?  The hubs and I don't exchange gifts for these sort of holiday... sadly we either can't afford them or we have already bought it for ourselves!  But we do make the time to spend the day with our families and sometimes, that is the best present ever!

Happy Mothers day to my mom!  
I have been blessed with a loving, witty, and super supportive mom!  Many things would have turned out differently for me if she was not there to guide me and keep me true to myself.  She knows me so well... and I only hope that one day my children will feel the same way about me that I do for her!

Earlier this week this box of fun arrived at my door from Logitech!  They are getting the word out to inspire moms to upgrade there daily office with some simple DIY's!  The box was full of gadgets for the computer, and a couple of my favorite crafting items!  How amazing! My chevron office mat was featured also!  Logitech is giving away $1K if you just hop over HERE and share your favorite DIY tip!  I know you have one to share!  You could be a $1k richer... that would be a nice little mothers day gift!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Have a great Mother's Day mamma!