May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo | Quick Dinner Party

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Even though it is a Monday I say keep the weekend going and invite a few friends over for a fiesta with some margaritas and a super simple dinner!

Table Decor:
For the table use colorful Mexican blankets as tablecloths.  I picked up 2 for my boys last year at the cabo airport for $6 each!  I would say that I will be buying a blanket every time I go now {not that I go often at all}!  While doing your shopping pick up some colorful Mexican brand cans of sauces and beans.  Use the sauce or empty them and then fill with some blooms you picked up while at the store.  Finish with mixing colorful lines, what you have or maybe some bandanas.

Keep the food simple.
I love that this is easy to make ahead and is super healthy and fresh!  Serve it as a dip with chips or fresh cut red and green peppers as chips if you have lots of people!
I think the best margaritas are simple and are made with fresh lime juice.  It also keeps cuts the sugar and the calories!

Nothing is easier than throwing something in the crock pot and letting it do all of the work!
Colorful and super easy to assemble!

Who doesn't love a crunchy churro covered in sugar and cinnamon?
I pretty much love anything with added booze in it!  If you don't have time to bake up dessert, you could serve some fresh berries with store bought cool whip spiked with some tequila and fresh lime zest.  Add the tequila and lime zest while the cool whip is a little frozen and then put in the fridge to set back up.



Vel Criste said...

Great and quick party menu Tiffany!