April 14, 2014

Spring Break & Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
Me... I survived my son's first sleep over party!  I had a lot of help, but I won't be doing that anytime soon... ha!  On Sunday the aftermath of the popcorn and new toys sent me into a deep clean up and clean out mode in the boys playroom!  I love purging in my piles... trash, donate, give to friends/family.
Once that was done I decided I was in the mode... so don't let it stop and just keep it going this week!  The boys are on spring break this week so it is the perfect time to stay home, let them enjoy the sun and play outside while I get do deep cleaning this house.  I started searching Pinterest for some helpful spring cleaning checklists and this one caught my eye.
Free printable from original site

I am also on a mission to make a home binder to log when and what we cleaned, but also when we have had to do maintenance and repair on appliances and such like that.
Is it weird I get excited about cleaning my house out?
What are your spring cleaning methods... get any good tips for me?


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That's my plan today as well. Happy cleaning.

House Envy said...

I love a clean house. Feels like I can breathe better! Happy cleaning!