April 25, 2014

Friday Finds | Sputnik Light Knockoff

I am so excited to share this today!  Well, you might not believe that when I tell you I found this fixture back in January and have not yet shared it with you!  HA!  I have been such a bad blogger!
As you might remember around that time the hubs was on a kick to install decorative lighting everywhere in our house.  As we were on the way to Ikea to buy this fixture that I loved, but he didn't, I started looking online in a last stitch effort to find something we both agreed on AND that would fit our budget.  Literally as we were walking in I found this...
I didn't want to spend more than $100, but this was exactly what we both were looking for!  I have lusted after a Sputnik for years and always thought one would look amazing in our dining room.  The hubs wanted something else... but loved Edison bulbs!  
If you have ever bought Edison bulbs before, you know they are expensive; about $9 a pop.  This fixture CAME WITH 18 of them!!! That is like $162 free with the fixture... seriously!  

A quick click and we ordered it and left Ikea!  At first I was going to keep it brushed nickel... but the more I looked at it in the room I knew it needed a good spray of gold!
I covered all of the sockets and went to town!

With 18 bulbs the light is really bright and hot, so we have unscrewed 10 of them!  Ha!  At least we will have some backups when the 8 burn out!  But when they all do we will replace them all with round Edison bulbs... a little more true to the Sputnik style.  I have been searching for a knock off Sputnik for years, and even thought about doing a DIY version... but nothing has come close to this one!  And it is super large... perfect for the dining room!

What have you found lately?
Happy Friday!


Vel Criste said...

I saw that at Lowe's the other day and thought it was really cool, it looks great in your dining room Tiffany!

Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

Looks fantastic!! I'm tempted to add one to our bedroom if I can convince my husband! lol ~ We have a small one in my sons bedroom and I love it!! :) So this may happen lol :)