April 8, 2014

Client Project | My Parents Master Bathroom

Soon after we finished my parents modern vintage guest bathroom, my dad got started on the other bathroom in the house... their master.  My mom and I were actually sourcing and planning before we were even done with the guest bath, and my dad rolled right into the master.  Yes that is how my parents work... non stop!  And since he got started before I could even blink my eyes... I did not get any before pics.  Oh well.. the after pretty pics are what you want to see anyways!
Just like in the modern vintage guest bath, we didn't change the footprint of the space.  We just updated the finishes and added some architectural details.  Originally the cabinet was shift to the right, directly against the right wall.  We simply painted out the existing cabinet and shifted it the be centered in the opening. 

To add some interest and create a focal point we built small pony walls on either side of the vanity.  Then we took the faux pillar look up the wall to frame in the vanity mirror and new sconces.  Painting the moulding a contrasting color was a last minute decision by my mom, but I really think it makes a huge impact!

My mom fell in love with this sink in a magazine!  I love the square shape and detail on the sides.  At first my mom was not sure about the oil rubbed bronze finishes, but once we selected the tile it all made sense!  My dad had to spray the shower surround to match... and we were lucky enough to find an "as close to frameless" shower door from a big box store as opposed to having to pay for a custom one of this size!  And it has a super cool track!
Slate tile has been in my moms "want to use it somewhere" list for awhile, but she hasn't really found a place for it.  This bathroom was perfect!  We found a ceramic tile that looks and feels like slate but with out the price point and natural stone issues.  We used the backsplash tiles to create a fun tile pattern on the floor.
And of course we didn't want the water closet to be ignored, so my dad installed some left over breadboard from the guest bath.
The bathroom looks great and now has a great focal point wall!
My parents house is pretty close to being done and fully remodeled!


House Envy said...

the bath looks great Tiffany! I'm sure your parents are in heaven!