April 10, 2014

Client Project | Gma's House... DEMO Day!

Last week I shared my Grandma's {Gma's} "new to her" house.  But from the pics you can see it is not all that new.

The house is small so we {and by we I mean myself, my mom, and my dad} needed to maximize as much of the room as possible and that would be hard to do with these funky walls blocking the flow! 

Here is how my Gma purchased the house.  The dining and entry are also open to this space but have defined spaces.  
And here is the proposed plan:
Luckily all of the walls we wanted to take out were not load bearing and could be removed.  With keys in had yesterday morning we started demo!

Typically my dad likes to do all of the work, but for this go around we hired a contractor.  My dad will keeping a few projects for himself... he just wouldn't be happy watching from the sidelines!
And by the end of the day... 

The last picture is from the entry way.. all that open space!  And like most of my pictures... they do not even represent how amazing it looks in person!  I love it already!

This is a true 6 week or less project because we are doing all of this before we move her in! 

I will also be linking up to the 
over on  Linda's fab blog!  I am excited to have a project to share!  Be sure to check out the others participating every Thursday and see how everyone else's rooms are turning out!


Erin said...

that looks a million times better! its amazing how little tweaks you guys made makes it flow completely different! looking forward to seeing the progress over 6 weeks!

Cathy Wall said...

I love that you call her Gma! The grandkids call my MIL Gmama! Anyway Gma is lucky to have all of you helping to make her new house a home, can't wait to follow along!

House Envy said...

great progress! it looks like a completely different place already!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Wow, such a big difference already. I'm sure it's even more dramatic in person!!

kate@willowinteriors said...

Holy demolition!! It looks so open. This is going to be awesome when you are done!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You guys don't waste any time, I love it! So glad its a family project. :)

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Oh.MY.Goodness....this is a huge project. Of course, I love this stuff so I can't wait to follow this one. It was smart to hire a contractor with such a tight deadline. Good luck.

mellyb said...

Amazing the differnce you have made. Makes the house seem so much bigger.