March 12, 2014

My House | DIY Opps!!!

Every home design project comes with it sets of possible problems.  In the number of years I have been working with contractors and clients, I have never had a project come out just as it was planned on paper.  And just like my professional life, this is mostly true with the DIYs that take place in my house.  I have a concept; I formulate a plan; do some research and the make an attempt.
In my design concept for my bathroom I wanted to panel half the walls and then top the panels with a row of tile.  I wanted that tile to tie into the countertop and be the backslash and side splash for the countertop.  One problem... my cultured marble counter/sink already had a integrated backsplash.  I could have replaced the sink with a new material... granite, marble, quartz; but then I would have to also purchase a sink.  Out of my budget.  I did find a few new cultured marble Ctop that I could use... more in my budget, but I really wanted to just use what I had and save the $ for a new light or mirror.  So I asked the hubs if he could take the backsplash off.

After a few tutorials online, he said sure he could try.  The counter came off super easy... it was attached only by the caulking at the top of the backsplash!  Once outside we secured the counter top so the backsplash would not move and fall of {because then it could possibly crack the remaining counter that I wanted to keep}.  I wanted the counter to be as flat as possible, but the integrated backsplash has a bit of a curve to it.  
So we measured a line to be as close as possible to the counter top.
The first video recommended used an angle grinder with a diamond blade.  After about 3 seconds of that we realized it was not steady enough to cut evenly.  So we went to plan B.

After a quick trip to Lowes we returned with a diamond blade for his circular saw.  The cultured marble cut like butter!  I went inside while he cut the majority of it because it was very messy and had a horrible burning smell.  The hubs had a mask on.... but as soon as I heard the saw turn off I ran outside... and this is what I found.

Maybe we went a little too close to the countertop?!?!  OPPS!  If we had measured 1/4" of an inch out the saw would not have skimmed the finish right off the countertop.  Probably another reason to use an angle grinder... the blade is much smaller!  As we stood back and stared at it we just had to say... well tried and failed, we will go back to Lowes and pick up a sink.
Luckily I love this new sink and I think it works way better than the existing one would have.  I always feel like you will never know if you don't try, and I went into this DIY knowing I had a backup plan.  Not every projects is pretty pictures and successes!  I love it when other DIYers share their oppes... because they happen to all of us!

What is your biggest DIY fail or Opps?

Tired of my bathroom project?  Yeah, me too!  I promise it will be done soon and I will share and we will all move on!  
Happy Hump Day!


Anna [DirectionsNotIncluded] said...

Ouch. BUT the new sink and the bathroom are looking great. :)