March 7, 2014

Modern Bathroom Mirrors Under $200

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Happy Friday everyone!  I thought I would finish out this unexpended Modern Bathroom Under $200 series with some mirrors.  I think the only thing worse than the lighting in a bathroom is the sad lonely piece of glass they slap up on the wall with two plastic clips.  No frame, no personality!  These days those mirrors are the easiest to take down... mine was not even glued!  It was attached with a metal strip and two plastic clips!  I am cooking up some DIY plans {maybe} for the new mirror in my bath... maybe!  But I also spend some time searching for some thing that was stylish and budget friendly... just in case!  I think all of these mirrors would add a pop of style to the bathroom and still keep the mirror functioning as it needs to be!  
What are your favorites?

I will be working on the bathroom this weekend and hopefully will share the reveal next week... budget and time allowing!

Enjoy your weekend!


Vel Criste said...

Love 1 & 6 the most!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Happy weekend!!

Dawn @ Inspired Living said...

Wow, you at following in your in laws footsteps with this bathroom re-do! Impressive. I really like the World Market mirror for $60 if it works in the space! Good luck with the project and looking forward to the reveal!

Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

I really like # 1 very pretty, going to have to check it out in person, it might be a winner for our bathroom mirror :)