March 24, 2014

Affordable Art | Unique Art For Your Home

This weekend was productive for me!  I found some motivation to do some projects that I had just been putting off... had everything for them, had a vision, but just never got around to doing them!
I finished my cane barrel chair!  I will share later this week!  I am in love with it... what is it about black and white stripes that just make me smile?
While I was finishing that I got inspired to finish up the living/dining room with the small details I have been putting off.  One of those things would the some art next to the hutch.

Awhile ago I came across these books somewhere in blog land {see this is how long I have had them... I forgot where I found them in the first place}!  These books Art for the Contemporary Home and Art for the Eclectic Home were created by the wonderful ladies at The Handmade Home blog.  They compiled unique art work and put them all in a book where you can tear out the pages.  They fit in a Ribba frame and better yet the books are UNDER $20!  I don't know about you, but I struggle to find art that I like without having to spend a fortune!

These are just some examples... how fun are these options?  I had a hard time choosing mine!

I love my selections!  I had some silver Ribbas that I sprayed, you guessed it, gold!  They fit perfectly in the mat and really make a statement in a group!  I am excited about the being able to change them out if I get bored... but honestly they make me so happy when I walk by, I don't think I will!
Did you find any inspiration this weekend?


Erin said...

i love the OWL artwork! it's adorable!!!

Vel Criste said...

What a great source for Art, you can easily interchange your art works too when the mood strikes!

House Envy said...

Love this idea!! So cute!

carol jane said...

What a cool idea! I always have trouble finding artwork that I love, or I love it and its way to expensive. I like to use calenders also for art.