February 20, 2014

How To | DIY Dipped Dyed Lampshade

One day last week I found myself staring at my plain boring white lampshades in my living room.  I had bought them with the idea of stenciling them... but since I have stenciled my entry way, and it is a perfect sight line from these shades to the entry, that wouldn't work.  After looking at a few pre made lampshades I was feeling creative.
I originally thought I would create an ombre effect with gold paint, but I only had one shade of gold paint that I liked so I moved on to plan B.  I whipped out my good old trustee spray paint can and sprayed away.  I used some tape to give me a reference point... but honestly I didn't need it and probably would not use it next time.  I just kept spraying evenly until I got about 1" away from the blue line.  Then I just lightly sprayed here and there to create the soaked in dyed effect.

A simple DIY that took about 10 minutes!  I think it was the perfect addition to the shades.  A pop of gold and texture, but not over powered by pattern!
Next week I have a fun hack for that mirror I plan to share!


House Envy said...

Tiffany, these look so good! I really like how they look with the lights on too. Sometimes DIY projects fail once you turn on the light, but this really looks cool both ways!

GirlRural.com said...

At first I wasn't sure, but I love the texture and color when these lamps are turned on. Really beautiful!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Cute idea - it adds just a little oomph. :)

Kim said...

I love the personality it brought to the space! Spray Paint makes the day!! xo