February 4, 2014

How To | DIY Botanical Art

While I was sourcing art for this clients house I wanted to keep it traditional but with a modern touch.  Art can be so expensive... and hard to select for a client!  
While borrowing Z Gallerie I came across this set of prints:
Moonlight Fern Prints
These suckers are $500 for the set of 6!  As I looked at them I thought... I could totally DIY this.  Luckily my client was game on the idea!

I started with some bushy silk botanicals.  Lucky for me it was BOGO on these at Joann's!  Score for me!  I took my wire cutters and trimmed off a few stems.
Then I laid them out and sprayed them white.  
**This will take SEVERAL coats!!**
But totally worth it!  I would spray one coat and then flip it over, spray the other side, and flip again.  Be sure to separate the leaves as much as possible.  You may have to hold the leaves with one hand and spray with the other... yes my left hand had spray paint in it for a few days!
In between the coats I cut out 6 backgrounds of mat board.  Standard size mat board can be picked up at Michael's or anywhere that does custom framing, and you can get 4 out of one sheet.  I selected graphite which was a little darker then the Z Gallerie inspiration, but worked better with the space.  
Once all of the boards were cut out I hot glued the sprayed botanicals into place.  I wanted to give them some shape since they would lose the 3D effect once they were behind glass.
I used the best frames in the world... the Ribba from Ikea in the 16x12.  After cleaning the inside of the glass, I add the mat with the botanical glued into place, and then cleaned the outside.

For just under $200 materials my client has a custom set of modern botanicals!
I think they fit the room and the space where they are hung perfectly!


Jane Gallant said...

These are beautiful! I'm so impressed!

Hannah said...

Such a crisp look! I love it!
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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

They turned out wonderfully. And I love the 3d effect the black mat provides against the white plants. Well done.

Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

Those prints so amazing!! & not at all DIY - I love when projects come out not looking like a DIY project :)

Anna [DirectionsNotIncluded] said...


House Envy said...

Tiffany, what a great DIY! I actually like your black background better!

angietrue said...

Im sure they were happy with how they turned up and how much you saved them.

Vel Criste said...

Fabulous!!!!!!! They look expensive and are totally cool! Great job and thanks for sharing it with us!

Heather {The Lovely Cupboard} said...

Love, love love. I'm doing a similar project for a client's breakfast nook, and this is making me rethink our colors!