February 5, 2014

Client Projects | Parents Guest Bath

I love it when my mom gets the bug to remodel!  
My parents bought their home, 5 minutes from my house about 2 years ago.  They intended to make it their summer home and winter in Hawaii.  But a little over a year ago they decided that they wanted to be back here full time... and the remodeling began.  You can see the Family room and the Kitchen transformations we did last year.  My mom and dad are get it done sort of people.  Last week she told me she was ready to source all of the items needed and we were done sourced and bought in 8 hours!

We were starting with this dresser as a sink cabinet.  My parents bought this cabinet years ago with the intentions to ship it to Hawaii, but it never made it and lived at my aunts house.  Once they moved back it came back into my mom possession.  At first there was no room for it, but we all decided it would be wonderful bathroom cabinet.  
When we had the marble cut for the kitchen we used some of the left overs and had them fabricate a top for the dresser.  It has been sitting for a year waiting for the mini remodel.
My mom has always wanted a vessel sink with a trough style faucet, but everything vessel sink we found was just not enough.  She wanted to keep it vintage-y because of the dresser, but not overly victorian.  So we hit up a local antique mall looking for anything that jumped out at us.  My mom literally walked around the corner and spotted this bowl on a glass pedestal.  It was exactly what we were searching for and it was... $35!  Yup!  We bought it and took it right to a local glass shop to have the base removed.  We were not sure the could, but we figured it was $35 gamble and well worth it if they could!  2 day later the bowled looked like this!
Once we found the bowl we moved on to tile.  The room is an interior bathroom and has no light, so we wanted to make it feel more bright.  Knowing that we had the white marble countertop we kept it simple with more white marble.  My mom is in love with the basket weave marble tile {as am I}.  At first it was our flooring option, but it became to pricey so we moved it to the decorative backsplash tile.  We are using a simple 12x2 marble for the floor.  My mom also loves bead board so instead of tile we are going to used the bead board topped with a tile chair rail.  I love this idea and it is super budget friendly!
We also wanted to get rid of the horrible fluorescent and install two side sconces, but we will be mounting the mirror from the dresser up on the wall and that left us no space.  So my dad will install one recessed light over the sink and two mini pendants flanking the mirror.  She found these at a local lighting store!  Perfect compliment to the glass bowl!
We have even selected the paint color!  My parents waste no time! 
Here is a before shot of the bathroom:

Currently the whole bathroom has been demoed except for the bath surround.  We will be replacing the door and plumbing with new fixtures.  
Since my dad is doing all the work it will be done in no time!


Vel Criste said...

That dresser looks fantastic!!!! I can't wait to see it all come together!

My only hesitation would be with your sink - unless the glass is tempered, this bowl will break or chip sooner than you think.. I don't know if glass stores can temper this bowl, if they can do it, or you might end up replacing it before the makeover is even finish. Just a thought dear, I agree it is pretty and perfect, but just worried about it's fragility.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

This should be a fun reno! Although i can't believe they gave up Hawaii. I guess you're pretty cool tho ;)

GirlRural.com said...

I'm really, really excited to see the reveal. I love using furniture for bathrooms and I'm excited to see the bowl turned into the sink!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

This is so exciting. I love what y'all have picked so far and I can't wait to see it come together!