February 25, 2014

Client Projects | Hawaii E-Design Update

Typically when I do E-Desgins it may take my clients a few months or even longer to get the room put together on their own.  I totally understand, as it may take that long for me to do so even if they were a local client, but my Hawaii E-Design client was willing and ready to order everything the minute I sent her the sourcing list!
She sent me a few pics of the updated space...

I am loving the progress of the space!  Those chairs are super bright, but add so much personality!  Most people probably don't know this, but it is hard to find furniture in Hawaii, and it is even harder to find online companies that will ship to there!  Overstock will not ship to Hawaii!!!  To this took some serious sourcing to pull this room together!

Here is the before:

And this was her design board:


Kim said...

Aw didn't even think about your shipping woes! i find it hard enough to get things shipped to New England! Gotta love those clients that are on board and motivated! Great job! xo

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

It is really coming together I think. It looks great!

Vel Criste said...

Their truly lucky to have you on board - things look great so far!