February 19, 2014

Client Project | Parents Guest Bathroom

I had planned on giving you an update on my parents bathroom today but instead I am giving you the REVEAL!  Yup!  My parents don't mess around when they are doing a project.  
This project took 2 weeks from design selection to competition.  To be fair, the dresser/mirror that we made into a vanity and the marble counter top were already purchased and ready to go... but still.  The dresser my mom purchased years ago.  When they moved to Hawaii it went to my aunts house.  When they moved back she ended up with it again.  We always knew it would be the perfect cabinet in their 2nd bath!  When we did the kitchen last year I had my fabricators cut and add edge to an extra piece.  I love that we left the wood top on and layered the edge detail!

My dad took the dresser drawers apart and reassembled them to allow for the sink drain.  We wanted as much usable space as possible... and there is so much room!  He also trimmed the legs down by a few inches to make it a standard vanity height.

The bowl is an amazing statement!  Yes, we are aware this bowl is not tempered, and yes we are aware it could be chipped or broken easily, but this is a guest bath that is not used daily.  For $40, we knew it was a chance worth taking!  It fits perfectly!

The tile/wainscoting was a simple choice.  My mom has always loved the wainscoting, but has never found the right room for it.  And she has always loved the marble basket weave... so combining them to become the backsplash and decorative detail worked well with the vintage dresser.  We also used basic 12x12 carrera marble on the floor. Since there was so much white in the space we opted for a darker blue.  We found this piece of art at Home Goods.  It brought in all of the colors from the rest of the house, but also complimented the vintage design with the mason jar in the perfect blue of the wall.

Before there was only fluorescent lighting in the bathroom.  This bathroom has no windows, and has a huge vaulted ceiling.  I didn't take pictures of this, but we installed a chair rail moulding around the wall right at the bottom line of the soffit for the fluorescent.  The blue paint ends at the moulding and we left it white above.  We replaced the glass panels with breadboard and installed one can light and two hanging pendants to act as sconces.  But we kept the fluorescent as an up light.  Now the bathroom has great task lighting but also has an overall brightness.

My parents are so happy with the way this turned out... 
now we are moving on to her master bathroom!

See the Design Selection and progress reports here!


Vel Criste said...

It looks absolutely fantastic! So grand and elegant!!!!! Love it all!

Dawn @ Inspired Living said...

I just love the dresser turned vanity. I really love the detail and how everything turned out. Quickest project, EVER!!! I'm impressed.

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

Feels so good to complete a project!!

House Envy said...

The vanity is awesome! Great work lady:)!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

so lovely and love the cabinet! so pretty!