January 15, 2014

How To | DIY Canvas Chalkboard Date Art

For the longest time I have lived and worked with nothing over my computer.  It is the perfect space for some sort of art.. but nothing affordable has caught my attention {why is art so expensive?  Another post for a different day...}  
I had purchased a large 36x24 gallery wrapped {meaning it was double the thickness on the sides} a while back with a 50% off coupon thinking that I would search through my pics and print one out in a black and white and glue it to the canvas.  Well... I finally did it, and the picture looked horrible!
So on to plan B!
First I started by painting the canvas in chalkboard paint... I always seem to have some laying around.
I thought about free handing the numbers... but ha!  Who am I kidding?  So I created a layout in Photoshop to the size of the canvas and laid out my numbers.  I used the boys birthdays and our anniversary... but you could use any numbers or any dates!  Once I was happy with the placement I sent it over to Staples to have it printed as an engineered print.  
A $1.50 later I had a template of my dates.
I then took an exacto knife and cut out the numbers saving the inside if needed {like the 0 and the 4}.  I used a ruler for the straight lines, but freehanded all of the curves.  Once that was done, I used double sided tape to lightly secure the template down to the canvas.
I also used the tape to secure the center of the numbers to the board.  Then I began to shade the numbers.  Since the canvas is super textured the chalk will go everywhere, but there will be a good outline of the numbers.

 All of the character around the numbers is from the chalk while I was shading them in.  Once I was done I tried to blow the chalk off of the canvas and this is what happened!  I love it when something just works out!  I then took the chalk and sort of shaded in some areas and then erased with an eraser or my hand... it sort of gives it the vintage look!

If you wanted to make this permeant you could cover the art with a matte Mod Podge... but you know me!  I could change my mind and erase this next week!  Probably not because I love the graphic weight of it and also that the dates have meaning!  Nothing like personal cheap art!


Andrea said...

What a fabulous idea. My handwriting is so awful (especially with chalk). This looks so simple. Might have to give it a shot.

Vel Criste said...

Fabulous and looks store bought even! Love it Tiffany! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think this looks like a million bucks. And it has so much presence and is graphic and fun. Good work my friend.