January 6, 2014

House Goals 2014 | House Goals 2013 Recap

Happy New Year!
I took an unexpected blog break over the holidays... and I am happy to be back!  I stayed pretty busy over the holidays with parties and the kids being home.  There was so many things I could have blogged about... but taking the time away was nice!  This weekend we took christmas down and got our house back to a normal.  I love a fresh start in January... once the christmas stuff is done I almost done want to put anything back and leave my surfaces clean!

As I was cleaning I started thinking about what my House Goals for 2014 would be.  Then I had to pull out my House Goals for 2013 to see what I should move to the new list.  

House Goals 2013:
1.  Design my house for me and not trends or my blog. - DONE

2. Family Room
- Window Treatments - DONE
-buy a coffee table - DONE
-reupholster ply craft {eames} lounge chair - In Progress!

I am so excited that I finally bit the bullet and purchased some leather to do this project.  The rip in the existing leather had gotten so big!  Stay tuned for the reveal next week!

3. Formal Living/Dining Room
-Reupholster Wingback chairs - DONE
- Paint dining table white - DONE
- finish reupholstering side dining chairs - DONE

4.  Entry
- Stencil entry walls - DONE
- Upholster Ikea Table - DONE

5. Master Bedroom
- Purchase new duvet cover - DONE 
- Reupholster Chairs 
- window treatments 
- refinish dresser

6. Boy Bedrooms

7. Install glass shower door in the boys bathroom - DONE

Ok so I got about half of the list done!  Ready for my house goals of 2014!

House Goals 2014
1. Finish the things I didn't do in 2013
- Boys Bedrooms
The boys bedrooms have absolutely no decor, nothing on the walls, nada!  I really would like to get their rooms to a place that they could play in and grow into.  My main priority is their closets.  Their poor closets are a dumping ground for my extra chairs, pillows, art and lamps.  I really need to figure out another place to store these things so they can actually hang clothes in there!

2. Laundry Room | Mudroom
I have a fairly large laundry room so I want to take full advantage of the space and install a mud room like built in for shoes and backpacks.  I have a few cool ideas to do this on a budget... hopefully this will happen very soon!

3.  Master Bedroom
Just before the holidays I purchased a black and white hotel style duvet cover.  The one we had was over 6 years old and it was horrible!  I am excited to work on this space!
- window treatments
- reupholster club chairs / or purchase love seat
- refinish dresser

4.  Master Bathroom organization
Yup... this is under my sink!  The space is so small things just pile... you can see that I attempted to be organized with baskets etc, but that didn't work!
- under cabinet storage
- counter storage
- above toilet storage

5. Kids Playroom
- Window treatments
- Book storage
- game storage

6.  Backyard
- Pool
- deck
- landscaping

I think I have my work cut out for me!  12 months seems like a lot of time to get this all done... but the months are flying by!

Have you made your House Goals of 2014 yet?


Kim said...

Happy New Year Tiffany! You have a very aggressive to do list this year! Good Luck and I know you will get it done! xo

Heather {The Lovely Cupboard} said...

" Design my house for me and not trends or my blog." YESSS! I'm totally stealing this mantra!!! I'm so sick of thinking, "Well I'd like to this but is it in? Will it blog well?"

WHO cares? Thank you for saying that. It's been a while scince I've been to "your place", and clearly I have a lot of catching up to do.

Vel Criste said...

You did so much last year that I know you can meet the ones you need to do for this year Tiffany! Good luck!

Leslie said...

Hi Tiffany :)

First time visiting! Wow, you've done a lot and sounds like you will be busy in 2014! I agree that we should think carefully before we go with a trend:)

Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

Happy New Year! I think you totally rocked your house goals in 2013!! One of my favs was your dining room table makeover and drapes! :) Can't wait to see your Eames lounge chair finished, I already know its going to be fantastic!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Happy New Year, Tiffany. Wow, that is a long list. Good luck with that. I have a short list of projects, but a huge job of decluttering.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You did awesome last year my friend!! And that's one big list you've got going this year. I know you can do it!