January 22, 2014

Client Project | Modern Living Room

Currently, a majority of my client projects are formal living/dining rooms.  For most of us it is those rooms that get used the least so probably have the least priority.  This client has had an empty formal living room for over a year.  Since moving into the house they have added a large square modern dining table, but have felt un-inspired when it came to the connected living room.  They wanted to keep it clean and modern with pops of color.
I came up with 3 different layouts and design selections.

** Option 1 **
Muser | Design Selections Op 1

** Option 2 **
Muser | Design Selections Op. 2

** Option 3 **
Muser | Design Selections Op. 3

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AmandasHangUps said...

I so want to know where you bought that pillow about swag! :)

Vel Criste said...

All look fantastic Tiffany, but have to say the 3rd is my favorite. :-)

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

looks amazing! Keep updating us!!

House Envy said...

love love love option 3!! I bet she will be thrilled with all her options though! Love your furniture layout. What program is that?!?