January 9, 2014

Changing It Up | Winter Decor

Every year after we take down our Christmas tree and decor I like to sit and marinate in the clean empty spaces the decor has left.  After a year of changing out seasonal decor and then ending with the fullness of the glitter and tree, I like January to be clean and simple; less color and more warm textures.  I also have an urge to change up my furniture arrangements.  
  I like the idea rooms being versatile... I don't think I could ever be a sectional person!  I wanted to open the floor plan up so I moved the sofa in front of the window and put a small console table behind it. 

At first I was not sure I loved it, but everyone that has come over has loved the more open feel.  I entertain a lot... a lot of kids and girlfriends at once so they all loved that they could be at the kitchen island but also be on the couch and still be a part of the conversation.  Plus this opened up some good floor space for the babies of the group to play and be visible. 
On a whim the hubs and I decided that we needed more comfortable seating in this room... the WE wing backs were the perfect style statement, but not the perfect comfort level.  We picked up these pair of small club size leather chairs and they are perfect for all of us to sit in and watch TV.

I filled in a few of the open spaces with some left over wintery decor.  My friend had loaned me the wood stumps {they are actually fire started she picked up at the grocery store} to be used on a buffet for my new years party and since she has not come back to pick them up I decided to borrow them for my winter neutral decor!  I love free decor!  I also could not resist these little glitter deer!  I used them for place settings at my xmas table {I was a totally bad blogger and did not take photos of any of these events!!} The hubs thinks I am crazy... but just like the wreath on Maxwell; I think all of this is wintery and not Christmasy! 


Haley said...

I love this look. This room looks perfect to me! I love the touches of dark brown (wood and leather) but the room still feels light. Great balance.

The Eames chair looks great! I can't wait to read about how you recovered it. (I still can't believe how lucky of a find that was)

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

The room looks great...and so does your fiddle leaf fig. Mine is not looking too good these days :( What is your secret?

JnC said...

I love the look of your couch... do you recommend? if so, where did you find it?

GirlRural.com said...

I really like the change. It takes the room from two different spaces to one cohesive open space. I love the additional of the leather chairs too. Less formal, more inviting. Great changes!

House Envy said...

the change up looks great! Its kind of refreshing to get all the decor down from the holidays and kinda makes you look at things in a different light before you have to put it back out!