December 16, 2013

Simple DIY & Product Review | Aqua Farm

Happy Monday!  
We have 9 days people; 9 days till Christmas is here!  Tomorrow I have a plan to start and finish my holiday shopping... wish me luck!  
Earlier this season {when normal people were starting their Christmas shopping} the people at Uncommon Goods asked if I would like to review one of their fun and unique gift ideas.  Of course I jumped at the chance since Uncommon Goods is where I will always look for the perfect gift.  
Days later I received my Aqua Farm.
First of all.. how cool is the packaging?  The Aqua Farm is a fish tank that also produces herbs on the top.  The tank is it's own ecosystem that cleans the water via the plants and helps to feed the plants via the water from the tank!  All of the needed items to get the tank up and running were included as well as some very detailed directions.
The shape and style of the tank is very modern, and honestly great on it's own... but you know I can't leave well enough alone!  I found some gold duct tape and decide to embellish the sides with a little stripe!  So simple... it took me 5 minutes.
Once the tank was done getting the savvy treatment, I continued to follow the instructions to prep the water for the fish and then plant the herbs for the top.

Meet Zane and Jay {J's Koi and M's Goldie, respectively}.  J was so excited to help me put the fish in the water.  What a fun gift for a family that is unique and functional!  

Oh and a disclaimer... 
I purchased the wheatgrass and the basil already grown.  If these don't survive I will plant the seeds and see how they turn out.  The plants need to have little to no dirt on them so they do not dirty the tank water.  However the tank comes with some "growing rocks", and those rocks sit in the water and soak up the water and feed the roots of the herbs, so really there is minimal contact with the water from the tank.

Be sure to check out Uncommon Goods for some other great gift idea!

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Hannah said...

This is so cool! Such a good gift idea!
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Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That is seriously such a fun and interesting product! Now you have me thinking about Christmas gifts for my favorite little lovies. My 8 year old nephew would love this ecosystem - so cool!! Thanks for sharing!