December 2, 2013

My House | My Favorite Chair

Well Hello!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & extended weekend!
I know I did... All of the entertaining was pulled off without a hitch, the pumpkins have been removed from the house and I have the wonderful smell of fresh cut christmas tree!  Decorating will commence this evening... but for now I had to do a little furniture arranging to get my tree in a spot where we can enjoy it all season, and that means a game of musical chairs.
I always debate what chair to move and rearranging always makes me think of what chair I like sitting in and looking at the most!  In the end, the set of wing backs get the split up... because I love my Eames lounge chair way too much!

There are many pieces of furniture in my house that have meaning... hand me downs from my mother that were my grandmother's, and items I have saved months for, but nothing compares to my most favorite piece in my house.  My mid century modern Eames lounge chair.  
Not only does it set the perfect tone for my design style and the design style of my house, but I found it at a garage sale 5 houses down from mine for... wait for it... $10!!

"The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman are furnishings made of molded plywood and leather, designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company. They are officially titled Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671) and were released in 1956 after years of development by designers. It was the first chair the Eameses designed for a high-end market. Examples of these furnishings are part of the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art."

For years before design school I have been fascinated with the mid century modern era.  I have constantly been drawn to clean lines and simple furnishing.  Pieces that have form and function.. this chair is the most comfortable seat in my house!  
I have used this chair as a base for my eclectic design style through out my house.  I love to mix the pops of MCM with my treasured hand me down vintage items!  I think the mix of eras adds texture and personality to any space!
As you can see mine needs a little re-upholstery!  A project that will happen soon!  
I love to be inspired by the history of this chair and other iconic furniture pieces.  I have used this resource page from One Kings Lane a few times to learn more about the furniture I have and what I am putting in clients houses.  This has been helpful when vintage shopping and finding a good deal.. like walking by a garage sale and spotting an Eames chair for $10 and knowing it is a steal!
Here is some eye candy to see how this chair works for all styles!



Vel Criste said...

Would love to have this chair too someday in my home! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

Crazy good deal on your chair! Like unheard of lol :)What color leather are you thinking of going with? I like its current camel shade, but the black leather ones are so pretty too!

Kim said...

This is such a perfect example of a MCM piece that has become a classic! Love it and can't wait to see what you do with it! xo

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

my grandpa's house was filled with mcm so of course he had an eames chair. it was the seat to have in the house because of how comfy it was, oh and it swiveled, a must for any child. I didn't know it was anything special until college. my sis has it now and i'm totally jealous. hopefully i can find a $10 beauty like yours!

House Envy said...

I also love this chair. It just seems to "fit" anywhere!! $10 is the best deal I've heard!

Kimberley said...

Congrats on your lovely MCM purchase but it is not an Eames Lounge Chair. It is a Plycraft version made in the 60's or sometimes known as a 'Mr Chair'. These were cheaper replica versions of the Eames 670. Shopping for vintage pieces is a great way to finish rooms without too much financial stress and you can usually find these Plycraft versions around $150. Good luck with acquiring more MCM! :)