December 13, 2013

My House | Holiday Christmas Lights

With less than 2 weeks till Christmas we finally have our lights up!  That is normal right?  Ha!  Actually they would have been done much sooner, but we decided to add more lights this year and go with LED bulbs.  So we had to wait for them to be shipped... but I am so glad we waited!
I have always loved white lights in a straight line outlining all of the roofs peeks!  I have a hip roof with a few peeks, so the lights really have a cool effect when they are outlined.
 I also added some tomato cage christmas trees to my concrete planters this year.  They are the simplest project!  Start at the top {the cage turned upside down} with the female end of the lights tucked in and secure the 4 legs with a zip tie.  I made little toppers with a bunch of light at the top and then started my way down the cage.  Each cage took me 300 lights.  I love the added light and cemetery it adds to the house!

Rudolph and the Abominable Snow Monster were the boys pick last year.  I think they are a good compromise to the big blown up things that I refuse to have {no offense to those that do... They are just not my style!}  I am on the hunt for the santa from the move to match!

Maybe this weekend I will add some more color to the front entry.  I think a couple poinsettias and some ornaments in the hurricane would look great!

Are you enjoying this holiday season, or running around trying to catch up?  I am in catch up mode, but still enjoying every bit of this holiday season!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Haley said...

I kind of love that abominable snowman! and yes, way better than the blowup decorations (also not my style, but I do like seeing them occasionally). I also like the multiple wreaths

Vel Criste said...

Love it all tiffanY!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Looks great Tiffany! I'm sure your kids love your critters in the front, too!

Lisa Rozario said...

So festive, Tiffany! And the wreaths look amazing.