December 17, 2013

How To | Ornament Wreath with Wire Frame

A couple years ago I made this ornament wreath and it is still looking good this year.  But I had a little change in direction of color for part of my house, and since the other one was red and gold, I thought I should make one that was void of the red for my Dining/Living Room.
Last time I used a foam wreath and stuck the balls into it, but when I went to go buy one they were all out.  So I went with plan B... a wire wreath.  I took all of the ornaments out of the packaging.  I found all of the ornaments including the blue ones at the Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store making this wreath super affordable!  I love those places!  I came across a blue and silver wreath at Marshalls earlier this season for $34.99!  And it was sort of falling apart!  For under $15 bucks I have a-one-of-a-kind color coordinated ornament wreath!  
At first I started placing the balls randomly, but after quick re-thinking I decided to concentrate on one section at a time...
I worked off of the ones attached to the wire, and just hot glued them to each other as I built it up.  I used large, med, and small balls to fill in the little gaps.

I used a 3M command hooks to hang it for a clean and simple look.  
So excited to have this color combination for Christmas!  


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

It turned out beautifully. Great job!

The Single Nester said...

Wow. Just lovely. I wish my Dollar Tree had these ornaments.