December 11, 2013

How To | Fabric Babble Wreath

For the Christmas season I wanted something different for my front door.  I typically buy the fresh green wreaths from Costco or the grocery store because they are simple and are appropriate, but this year I wasn't feeling it.  I also wanted to create something that could be used all year if I choose {not that I keep things for that long}.  On a trip to Hob Lob I got inspired by this ribbon... yeah shocker!
This wreath is so simple to make!  It seriously took me less than 20 minutes to make this!
 I use a wire wreath form and 3 spools of 15 ribbon and a scrape piece of red ribbon.  My wreath is very large... but the ribbon was 50% off so it was under $10!
Start by pulling the ribbon thru the outside section and tuck the end under the babble.  Pull the fabric thru the middle section, and then the inside section.  Pull fabric back to the outside section and pull through again.  Continue to make your way all around the wreath.  I actually ran out of the chevron ribbon at just a quarter of the wreath left to do so I decided to make it festive and add the red ribbon.  It is always crazy how many times this sort of thing happens to me when I am doing a project and I like the result better then if I all of my supplies!  When this season is over I can change it out for a different color.  
I attached the M by hot glueing thin ribbon to the M and treading it though the wire wreath.


Vel Criste said...

Cute & chic, perfect for your home Tiffany!

AlinaLoves said...

It's probably too late for me try this project out this year, but I will give it a go next Christmas - it looks easy enough and the end result it fabulous. Thanks for the tutorial!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That is such a fun idea for ribbon hoarders like me! I have to go check out my stash right this moment. PS thank you for introducing me to the term "babble". Never heard that before!

Lisa Rozario said...

I love how simple this is and the fabric looks great, Tiffany!