December 5, 2013

Holiday Home Tour | Family Room

Every year I have mixed feeling about bringing out the Christmas decor.  The end of the year, the holiday shopping, and rush to get it all done so I can actually enjoy the holiday season!  This year I felt a strong desire to eliminate red from my holiday decor.  I know... that just seems silly {as my mother pointed out to me}, especially because I ALREADY HAVE so much red holiday decor and it looks so good with the striped walls!  And for whatever reason I always feel like I should used everything I have... another battle I have with myself to keep my house uncluttered and modern, but still make it feel warm and cozy.
This year I think I won both battles.  I decided to concede to the red in my family room.  And like 99% of the time, my mother was right!  But I gave it a warm curated look of just the things that I love!

We get a fresh tree every year!  We drive about an hour into the hills to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down.  This year tree is the best by far... Tall and narrow to fit perfectly in the corner.  The hubs did not have to shave any off the back to make it fit!  I found the gold and white striped ribbon at Michaels and fell in love {shocker!} and layered it with a gold.  It added the pop of modern to the traditional red balls and kids ornaments.

I have been collecting nutcrackers for the last 11 years.  I buy a new one every year.  This poor firefighter was my first one and needs a bit of surgery!  The kids have so much fun picking one out every year!  I also love bringing out the hubs family tartan.  The red plaid is such a pop of color and makes me feel warm and cozy.

I picked up the wood signs and couple pillows like the red one from the Target dollar bins.  
I am in love with my bar cart now.  
I shared a quick pic on Instagram a few weeks back when I got a wild hair to style it.  
I has so much personality now!
I just adore simple wreaths over mirrors.  I say nothing is better than a plain evergreen wreath with a red ribbon.  Simple, modern and traditional all in one!


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Looks great Tiffany. I know what you mean about pulling everything out. I have a bit of a mess to clean up, but I plan on finishing all the decorating today and tomorrow and then I'll worry about it. So far i've stuck with a neutral scheme, but I may have to add some color- perhaps red!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Lookin good Tiffany! I love the bar cart and that framed tartan festive! Finishing up my holiday décor this week...and did not even pull out my huge box of ornaments. Going simple this year...

homefornowblog said...

I love how cozy and inviting your home looks. All of the touches are lovely! And the red totally warms the room.

Katrina ChicLittleHouse said...

Your Mom is right the red looks so festive in your house!! Love our your Christmas decor! We put up our tree on Sunday and throughout the week, I've been adding more Christmas Cheer in our house! Can't wait to share :)

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I think you have the perfect balance. I like how modern it feels. Great job with the bar cart.

Lisa Rozario said...

It is tough eliminating red from the holiday decor particularly if you have so much in that color already. I have a similar dilemma and thought about introducing turquoise with the silver and gold. Don't have time to buy enough new and I have some beautiful old pieces I want to use.Love your bar cart and the tree is very pretty!