December 4, 2013

Client Project | Hawaii E-Design

Just before Thanksgiving I finished up a couple of furniture layouts and design selections for a client in Honolulu Hawaii.  Yes Hawaii... sounds like paradise, but when it comes to buying home items and furniture, not so much!  Having remodeled and decorated my parents Hawaii home I can tell you first hand that the resources are low, and cyber shopping and shipping options are typically out of the questions too!  If a company does ship to Hawaii it will take forever on a literally slow boat to or from China, or it will have to be air shipped and that typically costs more than the item!
Needless to say this makes my job so much harder! 
The client was looking to spruce up her family room/den/workout room to be a place the family would actually want to hang out!

In the first option I wanted to work with what the client had to give her an option the change it up now until she can afford to change the bigger pieces of furniture.  This added a new rug, window treatments, accent tables and lighting.

Option to changed up the furniture to break up the matching sofas and add a little more texture with two leather seats.  Floating the furniture allowed for the desk to be placed behind the sofa to do double duty of work space and console table.

I have always loved the look of two matching sofa facing each other.  This places the coffee tables in the center of the room, but slightly farther way then typical.  So I added plenty of extra accent tables for surfaces to set drinks and snacks on.  The tables are light enough to be moved to workout or to be pulled closer for a long movie if needed.

Out of the three options this is what the client loved from all three
She loved the blue scheme and sofa from option 3, the chair from option 2 and the window panels and rug from option 1.  A quick little revision and she was in love!

I would love to make your house into a home you love!
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Vel Criste said...

All boards are perfect Tiffany, I agree with your client though, I would go for #3 as well, the more sofas, the better!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think #3 is my favorite too. And I love that you used carpet tiles!