November 5, 2013

Savvy Bites | Homemade Mayo

You may remember, back before I left for Europe the hubs was in the middle of a Whole Life Challenge.  Well that ended last weekend!  Throughout this challenge I was constantly faced with reading labels and checking to see that all the ingredients where natural/whole.  It really turned me from a calorie counter to a complete label reader.  

Before this challenge I used non-fat greek yogurt for a ton of things; as a replacement for sour cream, mayo, in dressings, and as a snack.  It was my "creamy" in anything that called for something creamy, but it was not allowed in the challenge.  Mayo was not allowed because store bought versions have dextrose {a sugar} and other un-natural ingredients... how else does it stay good for SO long?  But I was still craving the "creamy" in some things so I set out to make my own.  We don't eat a lot of mayo in my house, but when everything is taken away... this was my only option.
{Recipe adapted from HERE}
Homemade Mayo
1 cup Safflower Oil
1 Whole egg
1 Egg yolk
2 tsp Raw apple cider vinegar
juice of 1 lemon
1-3 tsp salt

Place all of the ingredients, in order, in a tall, narrow jar. Place your immersion blender on the bottom of the jar until you see the ingredients emulsify. When nearly the whole mixture has emulsified, slowly move the stick blender up and down the jar to fully incorporate all of the oil.  Adjust flavor to liking with salt.  Store in a mason jar or squeeze container for up to a month.

{note: this mayo does have a tangy, salty taste so you may want to adjust lemon and salt in the beginning and then add additional to the finished mayo, if desired.  If you would like it with more sweetness add a 1-2 tsp of Truvia to keep it Whole Life Challenge approved.  If you don't have an immersion blender I would highly recommenced you buy one!  You can pick one up for under $30 almost anywhere!  If you don't have one and want to make this you could do so in the blender, by adding the eggs then blending.  Then adding everything else but oil, blend again.  Then with the blender running SLOWLY add the oil in a fine stream until fully emulsified.  This could take up more 5 mins, be patient!}

This mayo literally takes me about 5 mins to make!  I have made it 3 times now and it is simple and delicious every time!  The last time I made it it was a little thin, but after putting it in the refrigerator for an hour it was thick and ready to use.  I make a double batch to fill a 16oz mason jar and a then some!  I will never by buy mayo at the store again!  For the cost of one normal size jar I can now make 3 times that!  One bottle of the safflower oil gave me 3 batches!  Now, being a sometimes calorie counter, there is no way to make this lower in calories.  I have looked at a dozen oils and they all have the same about of calories in them, so this is more about the whole/natural ingredients, knowing what you are eating and using portion control.  Trust me, when you taste this you won't ever want to buy the Light mayo again!  I lick the knife when I make my kids sandwiches!


House Envy said...

Yum, that looks really good and is probably way better for you than the bottled stuff! How do you become a great decorator and a chef?! I think you should be good at one of the other:) LOL… wish I were good at both!

House Envy