November 25, 2013

Menu Planning | Holiday House Guests

This holiday week I will have a revolving door of company!  Leaving my house filled with friends, family and little ones for about 5 days! Since the hubs is on shift for Thanksgiving I will be hosting some of my girlfriends {their hubs are also on the same shift as mine} overnight the day before and after thanksgiving.  I can see no better way then to spend the holiday with close friends and family!  You may think I am crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

But this means I need to be prepared with a plan!  For thanksgiving alone I make a written out menu, shopping list, prep list, and serving tray list... so I thought this should be no different.  I combined all of the events I will be hosting into one large menu... 

Once I decided what I was serving for all of these times, {and this is just what I am making... others are bringing dishes also} I compiled all of the recipes from my recipe app {more on that in a later post} and then make my grocery list in my phone.
From there I then make a prep list for what I will prep on what day.  I try to do as much as possible ahead of time.  For example I will cut all of my onions and celery for my stuffing on Tuesday to be ready to use on Thursday.  All of my breakfast recipes are either make-ahead or can be frozen so it is a breeze to pop something in the oven when we wake up.
Yes... I am crazy!  But I like to be organized so I can spend more time enjoying my friends and family instead of in the kitchen!  Like I said... for Thanksgiving I even plan out the platters what food will be served on so they can be ready.  And then when someone asks to help I can quickly direct them because it is on hand and I am organized!

Have you organized yourself for the holidays yet?


Vel Criste said...

Your so organized Tiffany! I think your guests will feel extra special for sure! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear!