November 19, 2013

Cooking Day & Blogger Problems... HELP!

It is the small things that make me crazy! Why can I only type in HTML? I can not get my cursor to stay flashing in "COMPOSE." I have cleared my cookies, shut down my whole computer, but nothing! I also have posted in the help section and read to see if anything else similar was happening... no luck! Does anyone have any advice? Maybe it is time to jump over to wordpress !?!?!
Anyways.... Moving on to Cooking Day!
Last weekend I participated in a cooking day with 7 other lovely ladies. To some a cooking day may not seem like the fun thing to do, but let me tell you... even if you don't cook or do not enjoy cooking you will love it! The concept is simple... make 8 of one freezable meal go home with 7 other ready to make freezable meals!

I made Moussaka which may sound fancy, but was pretty easy {for me} to make. The meals do not have to be fancy... just good basics to help us through the holiday season! Here is the list of yummy food I came home with! Cinnamon Rolls Breakfast Burritos Mac & Cheese Meatballs Manicotti Lasagna Broccoli Cheese Soup Enchiladas Chicken Tortilla Soup Some people made more than one thing, because they felt one dish was small. We only use 8x8 pans because even my family of 4 can not get through a whole 9x13 in one sitting. As our families get larger we may need to rethink this.... but for now this size works! We all prep some items before we show up for cooking day. I made my meat mixture and vegetables before hand and made my cheesy sauce topper there. I also had a few already assembled. We all take turns using the stove and oven... while other cook, others relax and drink wine. There is always an extra set of hands to help out when your arm gets tired of stirring the 5 lbs of cheese for the mac and cheese ;). And there is plenty of people to rotate dishes and trash duty. Everyone pitches in and by the end of the night the kitchen is clean and you are leaving with loads of food!

This cooking day was a no kids cooking day! 8 Ladies with 1-2 kids each would be a little crazy... but 10 week old Baby Colton made the trek with mom. The host was super cute and sent little party favors home of colorful ceramic measuring spoons and a dish towel! Super cute! I suggest you plan a cooking day now... I think we should do this every 3 months or so! I so wanted to link the recipes for all of these items and share my Moussaka recipe, but since I am having trouble with blogger I will update the post later. =( I promise they are all delicious!


House Envy said...

Sadly I have no answers on your computer troubles but I love the cooking idea! Especially with the craziness of the holidays! Great way to get together with friends and be productive!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Sounds like fun! Love the idea. As far as blogger goes...I always typenmynposts in WLW then send draft to not much help from me. I am currently having a virus removed from my problems = frustration!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I'm a wordpress gal myself, so sorry blogger is causing you so much grief, and now I don't get recipes! Call me selfish but this is bunk. your post look fine to me. Good luck lady.