October 24, 2013

Dressing Your Home for Fall | Little Chic House

Hi Everyone, my name is Katrina from Chic Little House, I'm super excited to guest post on Living Savvy. I love reading Tiffany's blog about her DIY Adventures and I'm thrilled she asked me to share How I dress My House for Fall. For me Fall is all about bringing natural elements inside my home to make it feel cozy and inviting. Nature is one of the best resources for outfitting our home for fall. I love snipping branches off trees and placing them in a vases around our house. Pretty greenery in a vase can really brighten a up the look on a room a crisp fall day. 

Pine cones my husband and I picked up from our recent vacation in Lake Tahoe look more dressed up when placed in a large wooden bowl. I love that the pine cones not only smell like fall, they remind me all the fun we had gathering them. 

Nights in Northern California can get breezy [I love leaving windows open for fresh air] so I drape throws on the back of our sofas, just in case it gets too chilly. I also place extra throws in a basket next our sofa, one can never have enough cozy throws nearby. 

I love how cozy our house feels with the natural elements added for fall, even better when you can get them for free! I hope you all enjoyed how I dress my home for fall. Thank you Tiffany for letting me share with your readers! 


You are so right Katrina!  I love the crisp air here in Nor Cal!  I love to have the windows open and curl up under a blanket!  And I certainly have a good collection of pine cones from Lake Tahoe... we are lucky to live in a great area!


House Envy said...

Tiffany, it looks very cozy at your house. Thanks for sharing! Erin

Shavonda said...

Love Katrina and her home! So good to see her featured here.

Darnetha {ChippaSunshine} said...

Love Katrina and her style! I have a thing for throws and I am totally crushing on hers!