September 30, 2013

Romantic Getaway | Outfit Planning

This summer has been quite a busy one!  I can't believe it is almost October!  The hubs and I have been talking about taking a short trip all summer, and finally we are hitting the road!  We will be spending 3 days and 2 nights in Santa Barbara!  I am so excited!  We are staying at a super interesting place... I will share more later in the week!

I am a crazy person and like to have my outfits planned out.  I don't like to overpack, but I do like to have a game plan.  And I also like to have a few backups, just incase I am not feeling that outfit when I am there.  We will be exploring the town via bikes, enjoying a good dinner, a little wine tasting and checking out the micro brew scene.  And of course enjoying the ocean!
Romantic Getaway 1

Romantic Getaway 3

Romantic Getaway 2

Romantic Getaway 5

Anyone have any recommendations for us in Santa Barbara?
I always love hearing all of them!
Hope you have a great week!

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Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Cute outfits! You will look fabulous in Santa Barbara...enjoy!