August 28, 2013

New Current Ikea Favorites

Current Ikea Favorites
Ikea has some great new selections right now!  I just got my catalog in the mail, and though I do almost everything online these days, there is nothing like opening up a catalog and flipping through the pages!

1 | This Green chair really adds the pop of color!  Love the modern feel also 2 | I am dying over this new stockholm chandy!  I WANT it for my dining room.  Best knock off of the Spudnik for under $100!!  3 | How fun is this clock!  Love the color and shapes!  4 | This green cabinet could be used for so many different things!  I can see jewelry or purses in a closet!  5 | Digging this pitcher... great for sangria or bloody mary's!  6 | How cute is this blue tv stand?  7 | I am crushing on this orange wingback... and I so WANT a pair!  They would be the perfect pop in my family room!
8 | Loving this yellow and of course the Moroccan design on it!  9 | I am always a fan of nesting tables and these have a fun shape!

What are you current Ikea favorites?  Have you flipped though the new catalog?


Vel Criste said...

Love IKEA and I also posted my faves here... !!!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Great items...I may need to make an Ikea run to help furnish my sons move into the fraternity house this week!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

There are a lot of great new products there now. I love to stroll around the store and see everything in person, which doesn't happen often enough since the nearest Ikea is 45 minutes away. Love that green cabinet you featured!

stephanie said...

haven't looked thru my catalog but who needs too?? ... looks like you spotted some of the coolest stuff! love those green chairs!