July 17, 2013

Savvy Bites | Salmon & Kale Curry Packets

This recipe combines two of my favorite foods: salmon and curry.  Kale is up on the list as well... but not quite as high as the others.  I would say peanut butter and chocolate edge kale out.  
The other night I had a serious craving for curry!  I love me some curry... but really not too many others in my house/friends crave it.  They will tolerate it, but not really crave it.  However, I have made this twice all for people that don't eat a lot of curry and they all LOVED it!

Salmon & Kale Curry Packets
Serves 4

4 Salmon Fillets
1 Bunch kale, chopped
1/2 package of pre-sliced mushrooms
1 yellow squash, sliced
1 red pepper, sliced
2 zucchini, sliced
1/3 cup lite coconut milk
3 heaping tbsp {almost 3/4 of a jar} red curry paste
S & P to taste
Chopped Green onions, lime & Cilantro for garnish

These are the brands I use mostly because they are available at any grocery store I go to.

On a piece of foil place the kale on the bottom and then mound the veggies atop.  Then drizzle some curry sauce on the veggies and a sprinkle of salt.

Add the Salmon, then spread curry sauce on top and season with s&p.

Take a smaller piece of foil and cover the salmon.  Then fold the edges together to make a packet.  Cook on the BBQ at medium high heat for 15 mins.  Then let rest in a cold oven for 10 mins.  {This purely was because they were done and we were not ready to eat.}  Both times the salmon has been cooked PERFECTLY, the veggies were al dente, and the kale wilted.  
So I will not mess with this process!!

Eat packets by themselves or serve with jasmine rice.  We don't like to eat carbs at night so the salmon and veggies is just perfect for us!  The sweetness of the salmon with the spice of the curry are just heaven.  I also like the flavors of the veggies with the curry!  
So will be eating this meal every week!


Kelly said...

This looks sooo delicious AND easy - total win! Thanks for the recipe!

Erin and Laura House Envy said...

that looks so good! I'm trying that this week!!