July 22, 2013

My House | DIY Lighting To Dos

Monday came way too quick!
This past weekend I was unsuccessful in completing any work that I had put on my todo list.  Instead I decided to spend the time hanging with the hubs and our boys!  We made a trip to the mall, and took them on a hike.  Time well spent, but now my Monday is packed!  Oh well... such is a happy life!

Over the weekend I was thinking about my todo list for my family room.  I have about 4 more items/projects left and then this space will be completed.

One item, at least in my home, is always the last to be addressed: lighting.  I am not talking about ambient/task lighting from table lamps; oh no I have plenty of that and I put them on timers because I want them on all of the time!  It drives the hubs nuts, but that is taken care of because that is all we use. I NEVER turn on overhead lighting {except in the kitchen} so adding any hanging pendants in any part of the house is always the last thing to do.  We also live with our ceiling fans on {yes we have ceiling fans in every room.. I hate them, but totally need them here in Nor Cal}  So again pretty lighting is my last thought.  But I want to change that!  I have had my eye on some great DIY lighting.  Here are some ideas I am throwing at the hubs for approval.

I am in love with this light box!  My table is not as large so we would make it a bit smaller, but it would be a statement piece.  I am thinking this would be perfect for over my MCM dining table in our eat in kitchen.  And even better... hubs likes! 



These are two kitchen island pendants options that we could purchase to compliment the DIY lighting.


In my dining room I would love to be able to plop down $1000+ for a spudnik light.  I have always loved them!  But unfortunately, I don't think it would be big enough to hold my dining space and if I could find one that was big enough it would be way way way out of my budget!  That is why I am loving the first option of grouped glass ornaments!  I would have to make mine a little larger, but I think it would have the same feel for a lot less money.  The hubs likes this option.  He is not liking the Maskros Hack at all. I think it would look amazing, but he has to look at it too!

I also think I am going to recreate these scones for my dining room.  It is working in my head!

Have you DIYed any pendant lighting?  


Vel Criste said...

Any of the options would be great in your fabulous space Tiffany, and DIY-ing it would be even more awesome. Can;t wait to see what you come up with! Also, don't feel 'guilty' about spending time with your boys, I'm sure everyone who follow you will understand. ;-)

Marie Young said...

I love that couch. I almost bought it for my house but my husband couldn't stand it.... It's so cute!


Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

These are fabulous ideas. I have been dying to make some lights.. great tutorials on each site and I think the first one will look great...Maybe a circular wooden top instead of rectangular? or square? I think I have that same teak table..oval? Love it.
xo Nancy