July 16, 2013

How To | Upholstered Ikea Malm Hack v2.0

When I first moved into this house I really wanted design this house room by room.  I didn't want to be be completing random projects in different rooms while others were in mid progress.  Well... so much for that!  Though I didn't want to jump all over the place I was still buying things up for other rooms, and then just letting them sit in the closet until I was "ready" to get to them.  I am not sure why I took this approach... I would walk by something that I had everything for {like my wing back chairs} and just be frustrated with myself for not just getting that project done.  SO... no more waiting!  Project will come as I have the supplies, time, and $ to do them regardless for what room!  Hence my Malm console table that has been in my entryway since we moved in.  I had already given it a quick hack about 2 years ago {see here} but it was ready for a new update.  I purchased the fabric to do this project in December!  I can't even begin to tell you why I wanted to soo long to complete it!?!

Ok, I digress...  back to the tutorial!  I originally found this tutorial via Sarah from Matters of Style, but she was using actual fabric and glued down some of the edges.  My fabric {vinyl} was too heavy to be glued so I took a different approach.

Upholstered Malm Hack v2.0
Supplies needed: 
*Staple gun
*Cardboard upholstery strips
*Upholstery tack strips
*Hammer / mallet

I was really thinking leather with this project, but knew a vinyl of some sort would be way more affordable.  I wanted something that looked rich and was so excited when I came across this pearly cream embossed "animal" vinyl on clearance!  I have no idea what animal it is suppose to be, but I loved it!  First I took the fabric and cut it in half length wise long enough to wrap around the both sides and the top.

Then I stapled the fabric to the bottom wrapping the fabric around the outside and pulling tight.  I also secured the fabric to the bottom of the legs as well.

Next I began to wrap.  I folded the fabric over wrapping it like a present.  First pulling the fabric tight on one surface and stapling.  I trimmed any excess fabric off to eliminate the extra bulk.  Then I created an angled seam and wrapped the legs.  NOTE: I am not sure what I was thinking, but I would wrap the legs FIRST and then wrap the top.  That way the seam would be folded down.  It is not that it looks bad... just a little more finished if done that way.  I realized this once I was done with the ENTIRE project... oh well!

Continue stapling along the inside legs.  At the bottom of the legs I wrapped the fabric tight by pulling some excess down and stapling, then wrapping the fabric around that.

Now for the technical part.  To create the clean seams for the inside I used upholstery cardboard stripping and upholstery tack strips.  I had these on hand from my wing back chairs, but both items can be picked up at Joanns for less than $20 total.

On the inside I covered the bottom of the top first.  I cut my fabric to size {leaving some extra at the ends} and then tacked it down to the table.  Then I stapled the cardboard strip down.  To create the corner I then over lapped the excess fabric and secured it with staple.  Next you can wrap the fabric over the cardboard to cover the table.  

To finish the other side I would have liked to used a upholstery tack strip, but I only had enough to do the inside legs.  So since it was the bottom and back of the table, I just folded the fabric and stapled.  I am sure my 6 and 3 year olds will not notice it when they play under here!

Now flip the table on its side and finish the inside legs.  I stapled the excess fabric from the top of the bottom to the inside legs first.  Then start the same way you finished the bottom of the top.  Cut fabric to size, tack down then staple cardboard strip at the very edge.  Before finishing the other side you will need to create your seam at the top.  I used the tack strips for this as well.  Poke the tacks through the back of the fabric as close as to the corner as possible.  Then fold the fabric and tack over and hammer the tacks into the table.  To finish the other side poke the tack strip through the back of the fabric along the outside edge of the table.  Then fold under pulling tight and hammer.  Repeat on other inside leg.

Finally secure the fabric to the bottom and cut out openings for the wheels {if you are using the Malm}.

I am super happy with it!  There is so much more to do in this entryway.  I want to stencil the walls, DIY some X benches for under the table, paint the back of my entry door, and source a different rug.  But for now I can look at that table and be happy I completed one project I already had everything for even though I am still finishing my family room and in the middle of my living/dining room!  
At least I know I am not the only crazy design blogger to have room design ADD!?!?! 


Kimberly said...

I love this!! I haven't been reading design blogs since I put my own on hold while we look for a house, but I just redid my mom's second wing back (I did the first last summer!) and I had no idea JoAnns carried the tack strips! We reused ours, but sometimes they would bend funny. But anyway, your table turned out gorgeous! So creative, I love it.

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

So cute!

Kim said...

Looks great Tiffany! I am in ADD mode as well ... I think it comes with the territory!! xo

Vel Criste said...

Your Malm console was amazing to begin with Tiffany! But I love the new look too! Great job!!!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Well aren't you just miss smarty pants- love it!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Haha! love the ADD, freakin hilarious. The table rocks. I'm totally pinning for later!

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Love this idea!