July 10, 2013

House Goals 2013 | Update

Since we are halfway thru the year {O.M.G where has the time gone?!?!} I thought I would check in with my 2013 House Goals I set for myself back in January.

1. Design my house for me.

This is always be a work in progress... but I can say that I think I have stuck to it!  Most recently with my choice to stay neutral and classic with my wingback chairs.

The ikat pillows give it a pop of color and trend, but those can be changed when that mood goes away!

2. Finish my family room

Well... I feel like I am so almost there!  Here is recap of the space....

I did just end up buying this exact cocktail table!  
The DIY I was thinking was just never going to work =(... but I really do love this one!

I had a lot of ideas and fabric already purchased for the pillows, but in the end I love the simple lattice ones.  They bring a brightness to the couch and they are the same color of the stripes on the wall.

After a few tries I nailed it with my cornice and panels!  I still LOVE them!  

I have had some chair action with a new MCM dining table I found on CL for $80 and some Eames Eiffel base chairs!  I also picked up a super comfy MCM classic for my desk chair!  I have yet to find the courage to re-upholster my $10 Eames lounger... but it now officially has a rip in it so I should be getting on that project soon!

3. Transform my Grandma's dining table and chairs

As you saw earlier in the post I completed the wing backs that are at the head of the table, but have decided to maybe leave the other chairs alone.

My grandmas chairs currently have this blue "chevron" on the seats that I did a few years ago and I am thinking I will leave that fabric on there.  It looks so good with the blue ikat pillow on the new wing backs.  I might paint them white, but we will see after I finish the table.  I am excited to be starting the table today!

4.  Compose My Entryway

I have a solid design plan for this, but just have not budged on any of the projects.  I even have most of the stuff for it... but one project at a time I guess!

5.  Start the boys and master bedrooms

This might be on my list next year... ha!

6.  Install glass shower doors in the boys bathroom

Hopefully next month... 

7. Organize my house

Done and Done!

8. Have a useable backyard

This is the one I am most excited about!  We had concrete poured in our backyard last week!  I am telling you after living with dirt for the last 9 months I have never been so excited about anything so much!  I had stated in my goals that I just wanted to have a play area for the boys and concrete... and I have both which is good because that is all the bank account will allow for this year! {sorry for the generic of the play structure... I could have sworn I had taken one after it was built}   It makes the space feel soo much larger!  I am excited to enjoy my concrete for the rest of the summer!

Half way through the year and about half way done!


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Wow that is quite the list! I was proud of myself for painting my kitchen cabinets, lol. You my dear have done a ton! LOVE your drapes and valance, not to mention all the tables and chairs in that area and you little desk area too. So cool. This stuff has got to be so much fun to work on!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think you are doing great. I don't even want to think how far behind I am. Ugh.