July 18, 2013

Client Project | My Brothers Bachelor Pad

So I had totally planned on revealing my formal dinning table today, but it is not ready =(.  
I am really trying hard to fight my less impatient side and do it right way; step by sanding step!  
So... next week!

Instead I will share another project I have been working on.  Recently my brother relocated from So Cal up to Nor Cal.  He has found a very hip apartment in downtown Sacramento.  He has ask for my assistance {he really had no choice since I am his Interior Designer sister} in bringing his space together... and of course on a budget!  Lucky for him/easy for me we have very similar taste!

And also lucky for him my Aunt is combining houses with her Fianc√© so she is off loading a lot of great/free furniture!  We are getting a pair of leather chairs {just like my old ones} and a sofa that has great lines, but just needs a modern fabric update {and my dad has offered to reupholster}! So based on those items in addition some furniture and art I have to offer here is what I came up with:

These are the two options I presented him.  And like most clients he wanted a blend of both designs!

Final option:


Vel Criste said...

Love the 1st one the best, although all 3 are totally cool! This is a tough project, since men can be 'picky' about having less stuff! hahaha! Good luck!

Kwok Wai Wu said...

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Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Loved #2. Love edited #2 even more. His place is going to rock.

Erin and Laura House Envy said...

Love the pillow fabric! Perfect bachelor pad! Lucky lady in waiting....!!