June 25, 2013

A Chevron Intervention ?!?!

I wish I had a more exciting post for you all today.  I have no kids for a few days so one would think that I have ample time to put a decent post together!  But when there isn't a little voice asking you for food or water or small voices arguing in the background to bring you back to reality time can really get away from you!  I have just spent the last 2.5 hours on Pinterest and fabric sites searching out inspiration for my "formal" living/dining room.  

I came across this fabric and I am a bit obsessed with it!

I know... Shocker right!?!?!  Black, white and chevron!  I showed it to the hubs and he says I need a chevron intervention!  Although currently I only have 3 items in the house that are chevron!  Up until last week when I did my Chevron Office Mat I only had 2!!  

I started looking for fabric because the original fabric I had selected for the window treatments is no longer available.

 If you will recall this was the direction I wanted to head for this room.  I had decided the cornices should be in that blue/grey/green ikat.  But unless I order 15 yards I am not going to get it!
  But now I am thinking I need me this black/white chevron and some more orange! 

This is what I am thinking now... I am loving the medallion fabric and the orange cherry blossoms!  I am thinking the medallion for cornice fabric, white panels with maybe the grey as a trim?  The chevron as big pillows on my white couch with the cherry blossom to add color and balance out the graphic black and white.  I would still do my chairs in grey {since I have the fabric already} and pipe the chairs in black? Grey? or Orange?  I plan to paint my table and chairs white and leave the hutch in the natural wood.

What do you think?  
Grey, blue, aqua, and chartreuse?  Or Grey, black, tan, and orange?


Why is this always so hard when it is my own house?!?!?!


Laura Stutzman House Envy said...

Oh I like the blues and greens! I am partial to that though! The medallion fabric is very cool and I was just telling my sister that I have to STOP with the chevrons!! Haha!!

House Envy

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I'm loving that orange cherry blossom fabric. I say go with the second option!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

I like the second option best. See, things always happen for a reason! (I'm using that grey graphic print for pillows in our family room. It's so striking!)

Sarah said...

I'm normally not one for any shade of orange but something about the black, white, grey and orange is drawing me in. It's soft and sophisticated and something I really haven't seen. That's my vote!

stephanie said...

hahahaI need a chevron, stripe and ikat intervention! Also I like the second color scheme better -- good luck!