May 31, 2013

This Week I...

Went to Victoria on a family girls vacation!

My Grandma, Mom, Aunt and I took a short trip to Victoria, British Columbia.  The small Capital city on Vancouver Island is beyond beautiful!  This is the hotel we stayed in... The Empress Hotel by Fairmont.  Royalty has stayed here!  It is over 100 years old!

Our trip started with a first class plane ride, and breakfast onboard.  There are some serious perks to traveling with my Grandma who does not mind spending the money for comfort and convenience!  So this trip was pretty much first class all the way!

Once in Victoria we attended Afternoon Tea at our hotel.  It was a very proper tea {though we preferred the cocktail menu ;) } with finger sandwiches and desserts!  Though it may not look like fancy food, everything tasted AMAZING!

This was the view from the living room of our 2 bedroom suite on the Presidents Club level {see first class}.  The weather was a little to be desired, but we didn't let that keep us indoors!  This was a visitor on the first night we were there.  He was so sweet we almost fed him, but we all knew better!

We ventured out to China Town, which is the 2nd largest China Town in North America {SF is 1st}.  They has some amazing little stores down the smallest shopping alley in the country.  

We also visited Craigdarroch Castle located in the middle of Victoria.  The home was amazing considering the time it was built and all of the hand work that was done in the house!  Defiantly a must visit, but be ready for lots of stairs!

We visited a couple local pubs to taste some local beer.  Though the glasses may look irish, all of these beers in them were local to Victoria!

Since we had Presidents Club level we were given access to the Club where they provide a complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, and Happy Hour with appetizers.  Seriously we could pretty much eat three meals here at no charge!  And then at night they put out these amazing chocolate covered strawberries and cookies.  Paired with some port and we are talking about meal number 4!  This is Gus, a seagull that visits nightly during happy hour looking for some food.  Apparently he gets fed often... maybe a little by us?!?!

A coulpe other shots of the hotel and the famed Bengal Room.  This was such a fun lounge with large worn in leather chairs and fun cocktails.

This was an amazing Tapas Bar my parents have been to in a past visit... super fun place!
Thank you Grandma for this amazing trip!  I know we all enjoyed ourselves!


paperjunk-lc said...

My husband and I went to Victoria, BC years back, wonderful place. And The Empress Hotel is lovely. I like your G-mom's style. I'd love to be that kind of grandmother some day.
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

What a fabulous getaway! I have never been there, it looks lovely!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like I need to add it to my list of places to visit!

Courtney said...

Oh his brings back memories!! I visited there (and the states!) ten years ago and absolutely loved Victoria!!
How awesome you got to stay at that magnificent hotel!! I only saw the outside...backpackers budget didn't get me in the door unfortunately ;-)