May 29, 2013

Outdoor Extravaganza Link Party | Paint

Are you ready to link up your outdoor paint projects?

Yesterday I shared my DIY Monogram Striped Welcome Mat, but did you notice I also gave my front door a little face lift too?

The before is from last weeks post.  I have had plans to paint my front door since before we moved in the house, but the old color is the same as the garage doors so I was at a little bit of a loss for what color to go with.  I was going to go with black, but I really wanted a fun color.  This is a great blue/green with just a hint of grey.  A little beach-y, a little modern.  

 I will eventually paint the garage the color of the house... but that is another project for another day!

  I was not loving the trellis flanking the door/archway.  It felt really busy to me... and I really wanted something on the right wall just before the arch.  So the hubs chopped off the legs and hung them up for me.

This week we also finished the 3 other concrete planters for the front of the house.  {Check out the TUTORIAL from a couple weeks ago}.  They are the perfect size to flank the archway and add some interest in front of the door.

The third one was made to even out the other two tall ones next to the garage.
Done and Done... for this spring at least!

Now it is your turn....


Vel Criste said...

Don't have one to share, but love seeing what you did with yours Tiffany!!! :-)Beautiful!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Loving the blue door! It's perfect in that shady alcove. Very welcoming :)